What We Do


What does the annual test consist of?
When we perform an annual test, we first inspect the device externally to make sure everything is in order. Then we use our specialty gauges to perform a variety of tests to isolate different parts of the device, and make sure they are functioning internally up to code.

What is the Auto-Test Program?
At Oregon Backflow Testing we strive to provide the most seamless and efficient service possible.  As a result of feedback from many of our clients, we implemented the Auto-Test program.  When you sign up for the Auto-Test program, we will test your assembly and report the results to your water district each year automatically. This program provides peace of mind that you will always be in compliance, and the shared convenience has allowed us to offer an additional $10.00 discount to members who elect to prepay. In addition to that, on our payment page you will be given the opportunity to set up recurring billing annually to further streamline the process. If you would like to enroll in the program, please follow this link and select the “Enroll Now” box!

Can you repair the device?
Oregon Backflow Testing is certified to do repairs on backflow assemblies. We carry the tools required as well as a variety of parts on hand and are often times able to do repairs on the spot. Many times devices simply need to be cleaned out while on occasion new parts are required.

Do you install and/or replace backflow assemblies?
We do install backflow devices and replace them if needed.

What type of equipment does Oregon Backflow Testing use?
We use the industry standard, Mid-West gauges, and have them calibrated on an annual basis.

What happens once the results are in?
Once the test is complete we provide a copy of the test report to both you and your water supplier within ten business days, as required by law.

What qualifications does Oregon Backflow Testing have?
Our backflow assembly testers are certified by the State of Oregon under their cross connection certification program. Our technicians are also nationally certified by the American Backflow Prevention Association. We have an Oregon Landscaper Contractor’s Board (LCB #100311) license as well. OBT is also bonded and insured as required by law.